Meslissa Click please go away

So the dolt we now know as professor Melissa Click was on CBS This Morning marshalling all of her strategic communications skills in an effort to rehabilitate her soiled image.

An image, by the way, she soiled herself when she became the enforcement arm of the victim-culture movement that has sized control of many of this nation’s formerly great colleges.

You’ll recall it was Click who in November during a protest at the University of Missouri called for “muscle” to fend-off a journalist covering a protest on the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri. Her anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-common sense hijinks no doubt gave her a lot of street cred with the ultra-lefty-victim-trigger warning-safe spaces- infantilized youth movement, but the backlash has been fierce.

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Because of that, Click went on CBS in an attempt to save her job of twelve years since University leadership is rightly contemplating her future with the institution.

But the threat to her job is only the latest in a series of blows which also include a third-degree assault charge, a Title IX complaint against her, a letter of censure from the state’s Republican legislative caucus calling for her termination, and the resignation of her courtesy appointment to Missouri’s fabled Journalism school.

Oh, and she’s up for tenure too.

As it turns out, the November incident was only one in a series of at least two clashes in which she had participated in fairly the recent past: The other being her cursing out a police officer during an October homecoming parade protest over God-knows what other “trigger-warning” worthy injustice.

During the interview on CBS, Click explains how this was all just a big misunderstanding: that the photographer’s camera was small and didn’t say, “Professional journalist” to her; that her call for muscle and inflammatory language and behavior was just the result of being, “In the heat of the moment;” that none of this represents, “Who I am as a person” and that she after all was in, “A tricky situation.”

For the love of God, is there any way she can be fired repeatedly?

We are judged by how we manage tricky situations, whether we’re willing to live our values during the heat of the moment, and if who we are as a person results in our doing the right thing or the wrong thing at the moment of truth. Click failed on all counts and admits it. None of her comments are exculpatory.

The University of Missouri needs to cut Click loose and let her reinvent herself at another institution, or in another career. She doesn’t deserve to be persecuted, but by the same token, there is simply no way she can be part of the team that carries the flag for the University of Missouri where the communications and journalism programs are the crown jewels of the brand.

End of story.