Ideas For Your Business

You’ve invested in brochures, a website and advertising. But more than a decade into the 21st century, you just can’t overlook persuading with video. You have a story to tell. You may not see it, but it’s there.

Architecture and civil engineering

Show concepts, make pitches, bid jobs with video. Produce explainers for community-based coalition building. Testimonials, proof of concept, building tours, community feedback and policy messaging. Internal communications across divisions and branches. Whether you’re building homes, schools or government projects – this really isn’t an option any more in your industry.


Let’s shoot a profile. We’ll show you at work, and hear about your creative process and inspiration. Let’s see some of your completed works, and hear from others who know your work.


Where to begin? The opportunities here are huge. This would probably fall into the primary client category if you had a big enough vision. Even if you have an established media program in place, chances are you’re not packaging events and producing much value-added content. Streaming the sermon is one thing, story telling is another. Reach for the heart.

Contract bids

Stand out from the crowd by using video in your presentations. Showing, not telling, is the most powerful and credible means of communicating.

Colleges, Universities

If you’re not recruiting with video, you’re not recruiting. Let me help you with a user generated content program.


Teach potential buyers about your project. Show model homes and meet the sales team. On the corporate side, share your values and commitment to quality. Use video to submit proposals to government, or neighborhood groups. Answer concerns, persuade boards and planning entities.

Doctors, dentists and chiropractors

Customers need to know that you are real people. Profile each member of the practice. How about videos to explain various procedures and benefits? Before and after videos with h2 testimonials are powerful. Emotion is the key to selling cosmetic and restorative procedures. Generic websites, pictures and talking heads do nothing to build your relationship with your patients.

Events, accomplishments, awards, internal news

You need to mange up. Your division or department is doing good work, and others need to learn about it. Let’s feature your latest project and stream it on the web for the next newsletter or meeting.

Fire departments, rescue, medic

Your training exercise might get 60 seconds of glory on the local news, but lets produce something you can stream on your websites, use for training, and share with other departments. Public education, grant requests, in-depth training, scene documentation.


If you are counting on “the company” to build your local brand, you had better come up with a plan B. This requires a pretty extensive conversation, but whether you’re selling cosmetics or power tools, relying on the franchisor’s lame Internet lead capture website isn’t good enough. Read this.

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Tour the course and your home sites. Show the amenities available and build value through testimonials and an explanation of the sales process.

Grant proposals

Show grant makers what they’re funding. Let’s inform the mind, and touch the heart.

Hospitals and medial groups

Show your community building efforts. Share your ideas, successes and accomplishments across the enterprise. Profile your doctors and staff. Speak to funders, award judges and community stakeholders. Hospitals “get” media and NMS is a ready partner.

Instruction & training

Are you tired of explaining how to use your product or service? How about using video to train or coach employees on policy and procedures. Using video to tackle “how to” has a great ROI. Spend your time growing, not explaining.

Mail order

Bring your products to life with demonstrations. Tell the stories of customers who buy your products. Build engagement that goes beyond just taking orders and fulfilling them – which is especially vital for companies without storefronts or where storefronts generate a small percentage of sales.

Non profits

Document your efforts to win grants and persuade donors. If you don’t promote yourself, nobody will. The potential for powerful storytelling lies in your work – leverage it to your advantage.

Online businesses

Video is particularly important here since you may be selling an intangible product. Let’s show the product line, use examples, and hear from satisfied customers.

Policy statements

Make your position known with video. Chances are you’re not going to get the kind of news coverage you’ll need to persuade. A mention or soundbite in a news story is exposure, but not a compelling appeal for consideration. Create your own media and influence decision makers.

Real Estate

NMS has won awards for the video home tours it has produced. Show the neighborhood, talk to the owners or the agent – make a house, a home. Do a TV show, get testimonials, provide education and analysis, build your brand as an expert. My previous primary client came out of this industry – and we built something amazing while it lasted.

Recruiting videos

Get the best people by pre-selling them on your organization. Share your values, culture, the benefits of working for you, and describe the fit you’re looking for. Very important for out of state or international candidates.

Retail businesses

Show your product line, and build your local profile.

Schools and school districts

Show parents, board members and other schools your accomplishments, best practices and community building events. Commemorate awards and honors. Present to policy makers, funders and vendors. Explain building plans – make your case to taxpayers.


Appropriate for any business. Referrals and the opinions of peers are THE most important factor in consumer decision making.