Tom Layson is the Emmy Award winning creative force behind New Media Solutions and brings more than 30 years experience as a television anchor, reporter, producer and videographer to his work as an independent video production specialist. But along with that video based focus comes extensive skill as a writer, consultant, brand advocate, journalist and presenter.


Tom’s news experience is extensive and includes anchoring 13 hours of award winning coverage during 9-11 in the nation’s largest media market, interviewing Presidents, and covering some of the largest natural disasters and most notorious crime stories in recent memory as an anchor and reporter.

But NMS wasn’t created out of Tom’s passion for news, rather this enterprise is about a bringing the Power of Story to small and mid-sized firms – to bring visual storytelling to the people, organizations and entities that traditionally haven’t been able to access video production services because it was either too expensive or too complicated.

Tom specializes in brand journalism. It is certainly not news or journalism, but is rather a flavor of video production and marketing that borrows from news’ documentary and cinema verite styles.

This type of video production is typically done without a hard-and-fast script or storyboard which keeps costs down, and most importantly, more effectively harnesses authentic performances –¬†which Tom believes is the key to all truly effective communication and messaging in today’s saturated media landscape.

In other words, Tom’s work doesn’t typically look or feel like a commercial. It feels more like a story about a company, it’s people and customers that encourages learning more, reinforces buying decisions, and builds the brand.

Tom started evangelizing about the power of brand journalism, video-based storytelling and the value of authenticity when NMS launched on January 1 of 2007.