Will You Put Our Name Out There And Drive Leads?

No – that’s part of your advertising budget. I come in before your advertising efforts to provide the video-based and written collateral you need to get your message across at the top of the “sales funnel” with call-to-action advertising, but more importantly, with content offerings that come a little later in the sales cycle where information and persuasion are blended to build trust and drive buying decisions.

Can You Save This Mangled Project?

Yes, but you’re going to have to realize that the money you’ve already spent on video production is gone. I’ve “saved” several projects, and as long as you realize that you went down a bad road and that we might have to start over, or come close to starting over, I can help.

Have you received any professional recognition?

2023 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ), Racing Into the Past
2023 Bronze Telly: Northwest Now, Racing Into the Past
2022 Bronze Telly: Northwest Now, Making the Connections
2020 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ), Picking Up the Past
2020 Silver Telly: Northwest Now, Picking Up the Past
2019 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ), Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
2018 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ), Shorelines of Stone
2018 Silver Telly: Northwest Now, Earthrise
2018 Bronze Telly: Northwest Now, Shorelines of Stone
2017 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ): 1st place, The Casket Maker
2017 Telly: Northwest Now, The Casket Maker
2016 Telly: Northwest Now, Saving the Salmon
2014 Telly: Northwest Now, Vicci Martinez
2014 Telly: Northwest Now, I-522
2014 Telly: No Excuses University
2013 Telly: Full Focus, A Beautiful Life
2013 Excellence in Journalism (SPJ): 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in General News
2012 Telly: Patient Stories
2012 Emmy: Northwest Now, Public Affairs Program
2012 Platinum Hermes: Full Focus, Project Comet
2012 Hermes: Kade’s Story, Apple Physical Therapy
2011 Telly: Made in Washington
2011 Hermes: ABSTV
2010 Telly: ABSTV
2009 Telly: Who We Are, What We Believe
2009 Hermes: Homes Northwest
2009 Hermes: Who We Are, What We Believe
2008 Hermes: Windermere on the Web – Home Tours
2006 Telly Silver: 9-11 Families
2006 Telly Bronze: It’s Your Money Nightly
2006 Telly Bronze: Bridging the Gap
2006 Associated Press: Anchored Best Newscast award winner
2005 NY Press Club: Winner, business reporting for It’s Your Money
2004 SPJ: Deadline Club (NYC Chapter) Best Feature for Bridging the Gap
2004 SPJ: Deadline Club (NYC Chapter) Finalist for It’s Your Money
2004 Telly Bronze: Best Feature for The Wright Stuff
2003 Telly Bronze: Best Documentary for Making A Marine
2003 Telly Silver: Best Feature for Making A Marine
2003 Associated Press: Honorable mention for Making A Marine
2002 Associated Press: Defense is Our Mission
2001 Associated Press: Best 9-11 Coverage (Team award – role: Anchor)

Can We Use Our Own Creative Resources?

Generally speaking, no. In cases where the client insists upon using an in-house on-camera, voice over, videography or writing talent- a signed waiver may be required. Contrary to what you might think, it may also increase the cost of the project. Your people should be featured in the video, not asked to carry it. It’s unfair, and usually real bad TV. As I sit here, I can think of three horrible examples where I backed-down and didn’t enforce this. It was a mistake.

Now, if you have established in-house creative talent, professional voice over or outside on-camera talent who is part of your branding – then of course – that’s the right choice! If you have an ongoing relationship with a pro creative, I can be brought in as an assisting member of the team. Please understand there is a major difference between people who dabble in this and those of us who make a living doing it.

Weddings, Dubs, Transfers And Family Events?

I only serve business clients. However, I can refer you to several great firms that works with retail customers.

Can You Do :30 Second Commercials For Cable TV?

Yes, but they’ll look pretty home grown. I shoot in the documentary style, which is great for authentic reality-based communications – but is not what you typically see in 30 second spots, which are primarily fantasy and an art form unto themselves. But yes, I can create an imaginative local spot with the capabilities I have at hand. I can also be part of a creative team.

What’s The Turnaround Time?

It all depends upon what we’re doing. A very basic shoot can be done a half-day with another day of editing. Some of the projects on which I have worked took a month. It also depends on whether we’re pulling high end graphics into the production, how many locations we’re talking about and how picky we’re going to be about time of day and season on photographing locations. High requirements in some of these areas may cause the price of your project to increase above my published rates. That’s okay as long as your vision and your budget align.

How Long Will Shooting A Video Take?

Again, it depends on what we’re doing. Generally though, I can get basic videos shot in a half-day if we plan correctly. I have been on shoots that took a month, and shoots that took an hour. Every shoot is different, and if you have special needs – it might take longer. We try to get in-and-out to keep the disruption to a minimum – although busy and engaged people makes for the best video in some cases. If your requirements for videography go beyond what I have priced-in as “typical” – your budget might have to grow. Again, that’s okay, we just have to communicate effectively.

Can We Build A YouTube Channel?

Yes you can – it’s easy. Once you have it built, I can just upload the files. All I need is a username and password. I will do YouTube channel management and distribution to other video platforms for a primary client.

Can We Get DVDs Too?

Nope – as of this update in September of 2023, hard media is officially dead. If you want DVDs or other hard media, just pop the files I deliver into your workflow and you’re off to the races.

How Do You Break Payment Into Two Pieces?

By putting 50% down we develop a script (or a flow of content if it’s not scripted), book and do the shoot, and edit a first cut. In phase two, we push through to final editing, rendering and uploading with final payment due upon delivery. Both parties need skin in the game to drive projects to completion.

How Do I Know I’ll Like What You Produce?

We have to meet and share ideas, but you also have to buy into my style. How will you know? By watching my work on the video projects page. I am always willing to expand my creative range, but you have to be basically at ease with the work I have already done before we can move forward. I love ideas I haven’t considered.

Are You “Just” A Videographer?

I am much more. I enjoy shooting, but because of my academic and professional background I bring the other elements of production under one roof. I am a business consultant, a producer, a writer, an editor, and on camera or voice over talent. Hiring a videographer to record an event and hiring me to partner with you in your marketing and business development plan are two entirely different things.

Will You Put The Video On Our Website?

I prefer uploading the files or the links to your website manager and letting that person incorporate the content into your site and streaming service according to the standards you have already established. If you don’t have a webmaster, chances are I can add the video if you provide a username and password to your ftp site.

Why Can’t I Just Sell With Some Facts & A Phone Number?

For most products and services, it’s just not good enough any more. You have to show who you are and provide usable information to build credibility and trust. I think being recognized as an expert is important and one of the great subliminal powers of video. Facts are important, but an emotional driver is vital to creating a connection. What are you really selling? It may not be what you think it is.

Do You Do The Marketing Too?

An entity that promises to produce video content and do the marketing is either:

  1. A large enough entity to put multiple people on your account – and charge you accordingly.
  2. Going to do a less-than-halfway job on both sides of your program. Content development, shooting, writing, editing, encoding and uploading is a big enough job for one person. Promising to also do the marketing campaign you need would lead to under-delivering, which is something we just won’t do. Going big isn’t a guarantee of anything either – a lot of the large and mid-sized web development and marketing agencies I evaluate don’t understand video at all. The best case scenario for me is to come alongside a business that has a strong marketing program, but that needs to get into video-based content in a big way. Together, it’s a powerful combination.

Isn’t Your Rate Card A Little TOO Simple?

Complicated rate cards are a red flag. Creative storytelling, tone, writing, quality images are what you should be paying for and that’s it.

What do your clients have to say about you?

“The video is over the top. Thank you, thank you. I don’t know what to say about all of this; you went FAR beyond what we thought you’d be able to do. Obviously, I didn’t understand that you really are a professional rather than a guy who says he can make videos.” – Robbie Burns (Wild Rose Quilts)

“Wow! Thanks for all your hard work. We’ve wanted video for a long time, but could never find high quality at an affordable price. You’re great to work with, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Having you right here in Puyallup is a nice bonus too!” – Naomi Warren, Director of Marketing and Admissions, Cascade Christian Schools

“Thanks for your help… we got the job so I think the video definitely contributed to our success.” – Liz, BLRB Architects

“Wow! We love the virtual tour of our house! You did an outstanding job Tom! Thank you! You hit all the highlights and really made it look great.” – Linda and Fred Harrison

“Just can’t say enough about how well you captured the essence of our home. Outstanding! The depth of professionalism is profound and obvious. How could we have gotten so lucky to have you in on this house sale? Enjoyed your company and the results.” – Sincerely, Carol Valentine

“This is awesome! I am so excited about having this opportunity for my listings. Thank you for doing this and I will be in touch with you about future opportunities. My clients are all so tech-savvy, that this holds great appeal.” – Erin Dobrinski, Windermere Puyallup/Canyon Road,LLC

“The client was in today and loved what you had done. We greatly appreciate all of your ideas and assistance, the client was extremely satisfied with your work.” – Connie Dempsey/Video Producer

“The video you did for us is outstanding. The photography is amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am very pleased and look forward to working with you again soon.” – Elona Livingston/Realtor

“The video has been a hit – well received here internally … would like a WMV file for the Seahawks to upload.” – Gene Roglin, Costco

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