Video Showcase

Made in WA – Cedar Homes

Good stories and good messaging can go together to create sponsor frien...Watch Video

AVL Expo

Spreading the gospel of video-based media in houses of worship.

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Evergreen Elementary

Sharing a school’s turnaround with the rest of the district.

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Marilyn’s Story: Back Pain

Satisfied customers and clients are powerful spokespeople.

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Kade’s Story: Athletic Rehab

A good comeback story with strong customer testimonials.

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Machine Polishes

Instruction, branding and education. These videos are viewed thousands ...Watch Video


Your next generation employees want to see you, and know you.

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Glass Eye Studios

Made in Washington ran on Comcast. Are your VNRs interesting?

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Church Building Campaign

Powerful testimonials move funders to action.

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Community Service

Don’t tell people about your good work. Show them.

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Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

More than 100 projects later, Griot’s Garage has more than 100,00...Watch Video

Brian’s Story: Worker Rehab

Inspirational stories speak to the heart.

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