April Fools Losing Jobs

It’s a rite of spring: learning what knuckleheaded radio DJ or TV personality is going to bless us all with an April Fool’s joke run amok, and lose his or her job over it.

First, let me do some good: if you are working in the media, pretend April 1 doesn’t exist. Fool

Don’t write anything, anywhere – that may get taken to air, printed or posted that is in any way related to an April Fool’s joke.

There. You’ve been warned.

Despite my admonitions though, like those who watch the groundhog, we’ll all be waiting for the first station general manager of the spring to come out and apologize for a stunt, assure us the offender is fired, and ask anew for the valued trust of his viewer/listener/reader – ship.

How else would we know March has ended?