Don’t look at me!

So let me get this straight – everybody in the world has a Facebook page where they share enough information to get them convicted on just about any charge, but don’t want retailers and marketers to “track them” on the web? Facebook Logo

Well okay, then kiss the entire Raison d’être for the Internet goodbye. Without the ability to customize, hyper-localize, fine-tune and aggregate targeted marketing messages – the entire digital revolution will be a bust. You heard it here first.

We are such a strange people: Thinking outlines of our squishy bodies are so unique and interesting, we’re afraid to go to the airport – thinking that our habits are so unique and unknowable, we can’t imagine anybody else knows what we’re doing or what we’re buying.

Sorry, the cat’s out of the bag. Your body isn’t worth the digits it took to scan it. Your buying habits are as predictable as the moon and the tides.

But the “do not track” list has a lot of political appeal. It feels good to think that we still have some shred of privacy left. We don’t. We gave it all away years ago.

If you want your Internet for free, and your content for free, and everything else you want for free for free – you’re going to have to give something up. And that something is, your privacy.

Will you join the “do not track” list? OR, do you like the customized messages and products that are sent your way?