Fisher News

Fisher Communications’ 20 local TV stations, radio and network operations posted a $61-million dollar loss for 2008 – this despite what may be a once-in-a-decade opportunity to cash in on a hotly contested presidential election. Fisher Logo

Revenues are actually up, but that didn’t stop the bleeding.

What will this mean for KOMO? Hard to tell: But it can’t be good.

This has been an awful year in the local TV news business where the line of layoff victims extends to the moon and back. So far I haven’t seen too much about changes at the already pretty lean Seattle stations, but the situations at Tribune, Cox and Belo are also grim

Update: 9:22 am: Just learned KTVK – Belo’s operation in PDX – dumped 16. KING is one of their best stations, but it’s not the flagship. All hands will be sacrificed to keep the mother ship, WFAA, afloat.