Sinclair & Aerial Newsgathering

news-helicopters-layoffOne of my strengths is creating coherent headlines.

So with SBG’s purchase of Fisher, there’s a chance news gathering tools like Air4 could be on the block.

I hope not. Let me say it again: I hope not.

But if you say that there is NO way to cover this large and geographically challenging market without a helicopter, you would have heard us say the same thing at KOVR in Sacramento back when. Right before Sinclair took the helicopter away. And later, the Sat truck. Similar things happened in other markets over the years.

There is no way to be competitive in this market without a helicopter, but if one of the big guns loses theirs, there is less pressure on the other guys to keep the egg beater flying.

Sadly, it’s not always about aspiring to the highest standard, it’s figuring out what you can get away with.

I mean there IS shareholder value to consider after all.

But without diving into a diatribe about airborne news gathering – here’s a look at what’s happening to the world of aerial photography.

It, like just about everything else, is being disinter-mediated by technology.

Drones have already taken a LOT of business away from traditional aerial photographers, and the trend will only get more pronounced.