Kiss your Mom with that mouth?

I don’t think Iím an old fuddy-duddy. I’m hip to technology and am really pretty easy-going about a lot of the social issues that seem to work-up so many. My “who cares?” thing probably comes from a pretty strong Libertarian streak, and dose of cynicism about the nature of people. I watch what people do rather than put too much stock into what they say.Lips

With that said, I am stunned by what is now acceptable on-air language these days. Phrases like “sucks” and “getting the shaft” or “getting screwed” are frequently heard coming out of the mouths of reporters and weather people. While I know we can all find some obscure 17th century lexicographic root that supposedly justifies such phrases, we all also know what the root of common usage is in our present day colloquial vernacular. So let’s not get cute about it. Somebody getting shaft is not getting a second-rate burial these days.

I wonder if anybody even hears it anymore. My skin crawls when I constantly hear about how the Seahawks are playing “their” game or about how things are “totally destroyed” or happening at “four A.M. in the morning” or “in fifteen minutes from now.” But the vulgarities have to go.

How about the easy-going labeling of young women as “sluts” and “whores” not only in popular music, but even when they’re showing a preference or an obsession about something? It’s not enough that she’s enthusiastic about Facebook – now she’s a “friend whore.” I just don’t get how today’s kids think that calling everything negative “gay” or a girl who texts somebody else’s boyfriend a “slut” is okay. Those used to be fighting words, but we really don’t have any of those any more.

I have had to FORCE myself to try to be a little more provocative with my language and writing style. I think it’s essential, and I have had my hand slapped a couple of times trying to find the right temperature for given small sets of readers. But when you’re on the air addressing a broad audience, or in a 180 degree sway, addressing a specific person – I think you have to be aware of the fact that we live in a very schizophrenic society – where anything goes, but where the Puritanical hammer can drop at any moment for the silliest of infractions.

The rules are often nonsensical, but they exist.