Let’s get mobile

The Seattle TV stations have always had a national reputation for excellence. Ownership and business model changes have watered that down a little, but even so, our big three still stand above the crowd when looked at as a group compared to other markets where there may be one standout, but the rest are dogs. Mobile TV

Anywho, where is mobile TV? A group is experimenting with it in Washington, D.C. and from what I read, the results have been great. The standard is out there, and so is the gear.

In fact, Harris which is one of the big engineering and equipment firms serving the industry, and it says it can have a station on the air delivering live mobile content in FOUR HOURS for less than $150,000. Wow. Why would you not do it, even if things change?

I’m a little suprised Fisher isn’t doing this considering what gadget freaks they seem to be and their forward thinking posture on so many other things – including their rollout of hyperlocal websites and a ton of other internal centralcasting programs etc.

I know several of our gang (yes, Fisher and Belo) are experimenting with iPhone gadgets and podcasts and the like, but as far as I know, nobody is putting their over-the-air (OTA) signal onto a mobile platform yet. If I’m wrong let me know! Maybe I haven’t seen the promos.

When one of the locals can broadcast their signal live and create an all news channel using their online, TV and radio assets in an integrated way to feed it mobile OTA 24/7 we’ll have our winner-winner-chicken-dinner I think.

All that aside, it will be cool to “watch TV” on your phone when somebody here starts doing it.