MYQ2 = “Joetv?”

In Houston, Tribune is ditching anchors looking for an “Imaginator” to run the newsroom. Maybe Sam Zell should go for it. joe-tv

Meanwhile, here in the Jet City – MyNetwork (KMYQ) is being rebranded to Joetv and changing the call letters to KZJO. Yes, you heard me right…Joetv. Only a true imaginator could have come up with that one.

This all happened two days ago. I never make the claim that I’m first with breaking news on this blog. If it’s news, it’s news to me since I don’t hardly know a SOUL in the Seattle stations any more and I don’t seem to be getting any inside tips – probably because I always forget to add my contact information to the blog. Eeesh.

Anyway, what in hell is Joetv? It’s the new brand for the Trib’s second channel here in Seattle, formerly MyQ2.

Frankly, Tribune has nothing to lose trying this kind of thing in the four markets where it owns two TV stations (Indy, Nawlens, Hartford and Seattle).

It’s also following the trend in cable TV branding – tying the programming into the brand and selling a psychographic space – an attitude or experience that says less about the genre of the shows it broadcasts and more about the broader emotional themes the shows having in common.

This “new” thinking about branding gets pretty psychobablish, so I’ll spare you further details.

At any rate, don’t adjust your set – MyQ2 has been tossed for Joetv. I can just feel the attitude oozing into Lake Union already.