Our dying professions

A lot of troll bloggers like to jump on the print version of the PI’s grave thinking that its collapse is some kind of a political triumph. They would be wrong. R_I_P_gravestone

Mostly, it’s about economics – and the commoditization of a lot of “products” that used to require professional creation.

Today, “good enough” is good enough – especially when it’s free because a bunch of hobbyists want to “play news” or frankly, “play columnist.” That’s a poke at me too, for the record.

Here’s a link to a great story about what’s happening to photography. Note that Getty Images, based here, is part of the devolution of the profession. Interesting.

When you read this story, feel free to replace “photography” with “news” or “video” or any other craft-related or creative occupation.

What I have always found most interesting is that the trolls who rail against the people producing media the most – are the ones most eager to jump into gear and start giving away their crappy work when the walls come down.

I think the woman’s quote at the end of the story is most telling.