Part 26: What the &#@% is Microsoft thinking?

Don’t think of blue elephants.

The next person who makes that sound in this bus will be sent to the office! Ballmer

Don’t even think about texting or Tweeting from this meeting.

Microsoft’s “no texting” edict at its annual employee meeting is so dumb, I would like to think it was a massive reverse-psychology viral communications strategy designed to generate buzz.

But alas, I would be wrong. They are, at their collective core, a group of uptight corporate nerds who long ago left the world of creative brainstorming in a garage to become a global monolith designed to enslave both body and soul.

Too extreme? Oh, yes, perhaps.

But the point is that these days, trying to quash communication, social networking, discussion and information flow is an exercise practiced only by the naive – those corporate ding dongs who think they know better and also can’t go a quarter without doing something stupid from a PR or media relations perspective.

Apple? In the same boat – perhaps even worse. As the hippest company in the world, Apple too is among the leaders of the “just don’t get it” club when it comes to doing things as twisted as pre-warning employees not to Tweet their brains out at the company meeting.

I keep wondering who is in these meetings saying, “Yeah, great idea!” Is it the communications or marketing team? The media relations monkey? I doubt it.

Why are they SO far removed from the process? Why do they keep getting handed this strategic poop and marching downstairs to implement it? I know everybody needs a job, but when the boss is imploding, can’t somebody step in to help?

I’m just saying.