Sharify Shining

We have a few master storytellers in the Seattle market. Sharify

They wouldn’t make it anywhere else because they’re probably too old, or too stubborn, or too opinionated, or too old school for management’s current taste for cheap and malleable pawns who think it’s cool just being on TV – even if you’re working in a sausage factory.

With a couple of notable exceptions, the big brands in this market are not sausage factories. I want to remain on the record as stating that we Seattleites are a little spoiled when it comes to the level of quality at our local stations.

Anyway, watch John Sharify. He is a great writer who really knows how to tell a story – skillfully working sound and pictures together at the Olympics. He is just great. And yes, so is the PJ/editor working with him.

Wanna’ know who else rocks in this market? Bryan Johnson and Luke Duecy are first to come to mind.

THEY are the reasons content sharing doesn’t make sense in a few cases. Nine out of ten reporters do the same thing the same way – but these three – Sharify, Johnson and now Duecy – can be trusted to do something different and to tell a sharp, well-crafted, concise but informative story in the buck-thirty they’ve been allotted.

Take notice because their kind are fewer and farther between.