Show Me the Money

There’s only one thing that matters in broadcasting: Getting paid. show-me-the-money

It’s not evil – it’s the same in ANY other business in these here United States.

So with that said, why should the consumer have to pay twice? Want CSI? Want the news? Want sports programming or a late night movie? Somebody has to pay for it – it’s that simple.

While broadcasters and Dish Network fight it out over Dish’s “AutoHop” ad-skipping technology – I am arguing this case from the consumer’s side.

I have never understood why a viewer has to watch commercials AND pay for a signal when it comes to the satellite and cable providers.

In the old broadcasting model, you got the signal for “free” because you were willing to trade it for your time watching commercials and a fraction of a penny at the store to pay for advertising. Fair enough.

But then cable and satellite providers came along, you paid for the signal AND had to watch the commercials. That is why you are such a valuable commodity – you, the home viewer, are bought-and-sold with a pretty high multiple because you’re eyeballs watch commercials AND you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

The cable and satellite operators were printing money until content creators started wising-up and charging back. It’s still a pretty good business though.

So really, it’s a lot like paying to go into boat, RV or home and garden shows – I’ve never understood that either and refuse to do it. You have to get into the mindset that even as a “consumer,” your time and attention is very valuable.

So bless consumers who pay for programs and want to skip the ads. And, in the same manner, bless consumers who watch free over-the-air TV and indulge the commercial messages.

As for DISH – good luck getting paid while at the same time trying to invent a way that the creator of the content you’re peddling to not get paid – it’s just dumb, and self-defeating.