Speculating about Paul Deanno’s departue

There’s no way to prove this, but just yesterday morning I was watching the KOMO AM news and thinking to myself about the strong talent they have on that show with Paul Deanno and Peggy Bunker – and how it would be hard to keep them happy in their jobs, but how great it would be to have them on your news team. KOMO

A couple hours later I learned Paul is leaving for the bay area. My psychic moment for the month I guess.

Here are two of the many things that drive these kinds of decisions: home towns, and lead roles… and VERY rare chances to put them together.

In local TV news, people are frequently trying to get home, and “end up” in the market of their dreams.. not everybody achieves it. Going home in a junior role can happen. Going to another market in a major role can happen. Trying to get both requires a great deal of luck, talent and timing.

Contract cycles, the timing of openings, life circumstances with the kids and everything else often get in the way – but when you can do it, congratulations are in order. SFO is home for Deanno, and he is going to be the chief meteorologist at the KPIX-KBCW duopoly in the nation’s sixth largest TV market and probably be paid accordingly (or at least what counts as “accordingly” these days).

Why not hang tough here in Seattle at a great station? Because talent also looks at who they are “stuck behind.”

Paul knew he was going to be stuck behind Steve Pool for the foreseeable future. Pool is 57 (+- 1) years old and could easily remain in his epic gig at KOMO for another decade.

The clock ticks for everybody, and if you in behind a star, it’s mornings forever – even if station management tells you it’s the most “important” show in terms of shifting viewing habits… and even if it’s a more family-friendly shift.

Talented people want to play lead roles, get paid and know the management team is behind them – and if they are your stars – that’s exactly how managers should be thinking.

But when it comes to people working to get home, and/or get out from behind another star, sometimes it’s just out of your hands. It is what it is.

Good luck in SFO Paul.