The gifts that keep on giving

Part of my gig includes some brand management and communications consulting. And I have to tell you, for years I’ve thought that the field of crisis communications and situational brand management would eventually fizzle-out because a new generation of corporate leaders would come into their jobs “getting it” when it comes to public relations and messaging strategy. Foot In Mouth

But alas, I would be wrong. And thank goodness. Without a continuing stream of wacky corporate communications follies, where would all the consultants who have been saying essentially the same things for the past 30 YEARS do?

What’s equally funny is the fact that communications staff is completely prepared to manage their way through these troubled waters, but are immediately ignored and minimized once the crisis comes. It’s hard to be a prophet in your own town, but hey, if you’re a consultant from more than 20 miles away – NOW it’s time to listen!

What the hell am I talking about? Oh, I don’t know: WADOT’s management of the offramp to nowhere? Apple’s sad little management of the whole iPhone4 debacle – and this is ultra-hip Steve Jobs signing-off on this inept communications strategy by the way. How about BP’s CEO? This list is long – even with today’s short attention spans.

What’s equally good news about all this is that there’s plenty of meat for both the mainstream media and the blogosphere.

Thank you corporate bumblers – what would we do without you?