Tiger Tech: FAIL

Nice apology – he owned it – it was heartfelt and it will satisfy those who can be satisfied. Tiger

The media wanted a dogpile press conference, but they still wouldn’t have been satisfied, so there’s really no loss associated with not doing a Q-and-A.

There is however a loss associated with having 50% of the video feed dump out during the statement.

IMG has blown this so badly in so many ways it’s hard to comprehend, but they managed to blow it technically today too.

Execution matters – and in mission critical events – itís just not good enough to say you tried. Tiger lost the one-shot eye contact he was so well coached to execute when the primary camera dumped out. Wow.

Add the scrambling that could be heard in the back of the room, and Tiger lost half of his event.

How much did they invest in getting that feed right? Not enough, and it mattered.

Am I a little biased in working for a systemís integration firm thinking that investments in redundancy, backup power and other features is necessary – probably.

Did today’s event prove how important it truly is? Yep.