Too many Twits

Apple is now apparently thinking about buying Twitter and its collection of twits – er, uh, users.Twitter_logo_blue

There are many problems associated with the deal – like what is Twitter really worth? What are tweets really worth? Is everybody going to get burned-out on social networking tools?

Those are big questions I’ll leave to the big thinkers.

But I had to laugh at the video I posted below. I do NOT like the title – because I’m so sick of the younger generation’s easy acceptance of homophobic, racist and misogynistic terms to label people – but it is what it is.

The actress in this video does and awesome job and so does the editor/producer. I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of some of the blowback associated with Twitter and other social networking tools.

I mean –¬†how much of what we have to say is really that compelling? And this is me, a self-absorbed blogger asking the question!