Tribune Tribulations

This blog was out in front of McClatchy’s announcement of another round of layoffs at the News Tribune, but now we have some more specific details.The News Tribune

From what I’m hearing, 30 will be laid off at the paper, with about a half-dozen coming out of an already beleaguered newsroom.

We also have talked about changes in the Herald, and now those have come into focus too with the elimination of a section and a change to Wednesday delivery.

In another cost cutting move, publisher George Le Masurier is now also riding herd over the Olympian in addition to The Peninsula Gateway and The Herald.

I don’t think the work is done though. My thinking is that the Tribune may not publish a print version of the paper one or two days a week. I have heard nothing to back that up. It is purely speculation on my part. I hope it’s not true.

But I have also hoped that newspapers wouldn’t close and that staff people wouldnĂ­t be laid off. So far, my hopes have fallen flat.