What are they THINKING?

Chris Daniels at KING5 did a nice story about local football officials running afoul of the Pacific Northwest Football Officials Association because they chose to blow pink whistles at games to help raise money for breast cancer research – without permission! Referee

Association Chair Todd Stordahl actually went on the air trying to defend the indefensible.

Does the PNFOA have ANY PR help at all? I still can’t imagine the meeting or the phone call during which a group of people say, “Yes, great idea” when it comes to making a point about power over something like wearing a pink whistle.

There was no other way to manage this “crisis” at the PNFOA?

Coming out against your members supporting a worthy cause seems like a Saturday Night Live sketch, not something an Association that clearly feels it doesn’t get enough respect should make part of its messaging or management strategy.

Why would you actually seek to make yourself a laughingstock or a punching bag for every armchair pundit (like me) to take a swing at?

Every time I feel like there is no reason for PR or reputation management any more, along comes something like this.

Just keep it up. PR firms and communications consultants with a year’s worth of experience need clients too.

I guess you need a professional to tell you not to be an idiot.