What does it mean?

As if Brian Williams’ halting delivery in the promo he shot for KING isn’t strange enough – there’s the “Look at the richness of life, it doesn’t get any better than KING5.” BROKAW  WILLIAMS

It’s just so weird.

What’s not weird is Williams new promotion of the idea that we all DVR the evening news.

“Appointment viewing” isn’t as dead as all the punditry claims, but the handwriting is on the wall in the long term – people aren’t scheduling time to watch TV. They want it where they want it, when they want it.

For a network to be openly promoting the idea of time-shifting its flagship newscast is pretty darned out-of-the-box for the old Blue Network.

In the meantime, I use my DVR to keep re-watching that promo – trying to figure out what the hell it means.