World ending

Not really – I’m just getting back into my TV news groove a little. World Ends

I don’t know what’s better for a local TV station, election spending or a major snow event. Oh, I know, having them both in the same quarter and during sweeps!

Viewership goes through the moon during weather crisis’ and stations throw everything they have at coverage – what fun.

The award for the coolest coverage tool however goes to KIRO in my book. Yes, KIRO. I don’t mention them often.

They have a microwave unit (I’m assuming?) that allows them to drive and go live. It didn’t always work perfectly, but the toy is worth the price of admission – and further pains to develop it since it can be so good in so many ways.

I will put KOMO and KING into this blog’s copy to snare all the monitoring software that reads mentions for the station’s PR firms asking whether they have anything comparable – I haven’t seen it – but as I have admitted here before, I no longer am forced to watch four stations at a time and keep track of everything everybody is doing. Nice.

So anyway, here’s to world ending snowstorms and KIRO’s mobile live shots – very cool.

Very cold actually.