Eye on up front

It’s “Up Front” week at the major networks. No, they are not appearing on KING5′s weekend issues show, it’s up front buying.Eye

Even though just about EVERY TV show I watch has jumped the shark this season, the nets are going to pitch their new and fresh (in quotes) ideas to advertisers who are apparently in the mood to buy this year.

During the great recession, up front stank because advertisers knew they could buy time on the cheap on the spot or scatter market. Now, they might have to be a little more aggressive and buy up front.

It will be interesting to see what the results are. Of course both sides will tell us everything is fine, but the price of gross ratings points should be on the increase now again with the comeback of the automotive advertising market.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room though is the gnawing, creeping, slithering knowledge that reaching eyeballs on TV doesn’t work like everybody agreed it used to work when agencies and advertisers and broadcasters all shared the same bed telling clients that everything was fine.

Accurate measurement, and paying for leads or conversions is what lies in television’s future – even though the idea scares the hell out of everybody. The nets and all the old gang is fighting these innovations tooth-and-nail, but the end of the old model is coming.

Meanwhile, let’s see what the old guard says about up front.