Really Facebook? Autoplay?

So you know that setting your online videos to “autoplay” is bad manners right? Seriously, nobody who works in the video brandbuilding space would ever subject the eyeballs they’re trying to woo to something as obnoxious as autoplay. Unless you’re Facebook I guess. Autoplaying videos are supposed to start this week on The Book – promising to piss […]

Phone books gone bust

I will mention none of the too many phone books by name – because I know what a sore subject this is having a couple of friends who toil long and hard selling very expensive space in the things.  While I’m sure the books can produce a pile of research that will show us what […]

Here comes 3D

Comcast is the first MSO to buy ESPN’s 3D sports channel that’s supposed to launch in June for the World Cup.  The channel will be both on demand, and receive a regular channel assignment too – most likely on the premium side of the house – although I think giving it away with the basic […]

Eye on up front

It’s “Up Front” week at the major networks. No, they are not appearing on KING5′s weekend issues show, it’s up front buying. Even though just about EVERY TV show I watch has jumped the shark this season, the nets are going to pitch their new and fresh (in quotes) ideas to advertisers who are apparently […]

What happens in Vegas

You might not have known it, but it was party time in Vegas for television executives this past week during the annual NAPTE event. Actually, I’m sure the mood was pretty subdued with revenues being down 20-30 percent and all.  One of the dustups in the desert involves changing the way we measure audiences. For […]

I’m going off!

Man – there’s a lot going on – so today, I’m going to rip through some stuff in no particular order.  I’ve been wondering how KING-TV fared during the Leno experiment. Looking at Harmelin Media’s comparison of average quarter hour ratings from November of last year to November of this year – the 10 P.M. […]

The cost of Leno

In the echo chamber that is today’s media landscape, media-on-media crime is the biggest ratings getter.  Watching FOX mug MSNBC, or Jay and Conan assault NBC has become ratings gold. Heck, it’s cheaper than producing real content. While all this may entertain and delight the national audience and provide buzz to the networks, it does […]

Drama at 10

Well, even after opting out of producing a high-cost drama at 10pm – NBC still found a way to give us drama.  With viewership down 5% and ad rates about 1/3 of what they should be, NBC pulled the plug on Jay. Affiliates took it on the chin the most not realizing any cost savings […]

KING with fingers crossed

Anchor tenure, quality content, powerful marketing and lead-in programming are all parts of any TV stationís success in news. A strong element can compensate for a weak one. For instance, a station may have given itself a truly mediocre and constantly revolving anchor team with no promotions, but have Oprah for the lead in. They […]

Wink branding

Agencies working in the brand management space all seem to be coming to the same conclusion: That these are times where getting a laugh is a good thing, and that authenticity and transparency are communication styles that keep showing up in the research as being effective. The message comes with a “wink” to those who […]

eventDV Magazine

For more than a year now, I’ve taken eventDV magazine. It has been a good resource for me as I try to tie content and the complexities of desktop video production and online video streaming together. I don’t understand 75% of it, but a little water can seep into the even the densest of wood.  […]

Digital enima

Advertising has been one of the biggest crap shoots ever invented by mankind. Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising, often under the false pretense that messages were accurately injected into the mind of a perfectly quarantined target audience. Sorry, not true. But that dream, of slicing and dicing the audience into clearly defined […]