An amazing drone

Ask anybody. I’m the guy who thinks the whole “drone thing” is overblown, and that it probably represents a clear signal of a bubble in the world of high-tech venture capital. I don’t care if you manufacture audio cable or provide payroll services to the film and video industry, your company is selling a drone. […]

Saying it again: It’s the story

It’s the story that matters. A great New York Times article again reinforces the same idea: that just being “on” social media does next to NOTHING for sales conversions.  A lot of people who failed at multi-level marketing and chinchilla farming turned to pumping social media for small business – and sold a lot of […]

Beware the Fool

On April first, some knuckle-headed media-type loses his or her job broadcasting an April Fools news story. You never know when. You never know where. But at some point today or tomorrow, news will break about an April Fools joke gone wrong and the subsequent firing. The corporate suit or local GM will get to […]

Sinclair (KOMO) and Banjo

So I’m reading a lengthy write through about a new geo-location app called “Banjo” and thinking to myself, “Wow, the implications for the news business are huge.  I wonder if anybody sees this?” Well, sure enough, Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI), parent company of KOMO, is playing around with it… apparently as part of a larger […]

Hyping Drones – Enough Already

The shiny new object in news gathering is the drone. If you listen to the hype, it will replace reporters, camera crews and perhaps even sliced bread. It’s bunk. But that won’t stop the entire exhibition hall at this year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) annual shindig from being given over to the whizzing miniatures […]

Ones and Zeros

In the interest of clarifying the debate, here’s the argument in favor of net neutrality. Delivering broadband capacity is like delivering gravel. It doesn’t take a ton of talent or innovation. It’s been done for years. There’s typically a demand for more as we pave over the world, but the focus has shifted from the […]

Do You Suffer From V-V-S?

I have been complaining about the general public’s seeming indifference to V-V-S for years. V-V-S is a killer – rendering HD video production useless, and contaminating the visual acuity of an entire generation. Please help us stamp out VVS – with you generous participation – we CAN make a difference.

Out of my skull for POV

Taking a Betacam and swooshing it around to dramatize a crime scene or ride down a slide was a cutting edge story telling device in 1985. POV as it’s called, for Point of View, was all the rage. It is still a very effective storytelling and video production technique. When used judiciously, it can put […]

Warning: Rapid change ahead

I was in a conversation the other day about making the switch over to HD video production. I could tell I was starting to hyperventilate, and that my audience’s eyes were starting to glaze over with my indecision and feeble explanations about the complexities associated with making any real commitments to a particular technology right […]

Race to Nirvana

I am not a tech guy. I’m a content guy that has had to learn the tech side. We are all trying to learn how to fill-in our missing pieces as not only the media converge, but also the skill set required to produce it converges too.  There will be limits. For instance, I may […]

eventDV Magazine

For more than a year now, I’ve taken eventDV magazine. It has been a good resource for me as I try to tie content and the complexities of desktop video production and online video streaming together. I don’t understand 75% of it, but a little water can seep into the even the densest of wood.  […]

(Sound)Bite me

When people want to prove what a media insider, they drop the “sound bite” lingo on you. Call it what you will, a sound bite, a head bite, a talking head, a SOT or whatever – the goal should be the same: To elicit something that is NOT who, what, when, or where.  I watch […]

Strange bedfellows – porn and religion

Listening to the radio this morning, I learned that Utah leads the nation in the per-capita online consumption of, wait for it – porn. When combined with a meeting I had later in the morning – it inspired me to write this post. My mind connects dots – and sometimes, the results are a little […]