Out of my skull for POV

Taking a Betacam and swooshing it around to dramatize a crime scene or ride down a slide was a cutting edge story telling device in 1985. POV as it’s called, for Point of View, was all the rage.

It is still a very effective storytelling and video production technique. When used judiciously, it can put you into a “space” that words just can’t quite describe. Point of View

Now however, POV is almost becoming the primary perspective from which we experience life. And yes, like the rest of the digital, social world – it could be described as highly narcissistic when considering a film maker’s choice for a visual narrative style.

The GoPro was a groundbreaking tool in this space. I have one, and strap it to the action any time I can. It can really provide a cool perspective that the detached, observational camera just can not.

But is it objective? Of course not. Is it journalism? That’s a good academic argument.

Is it really cool? Absolutely.

Now, enter Google Glass. It’s the GoPro with Siri in a James Bond package. It is also certainly where we are heading with all computer technology – voice activated, heads up, eye-gaze-aware, fully linked with other media and publishing platforms.

The first version will be as clunky as the IBM 700, but I have no doubt our grand kids will be walking around with a POV camera, the Internet, their phone, their music, their contacts, their schedule and GPS enabled geo enhancement – all packaged up in a pair of HUD eyeglasses.

We’ll be like Apache helicopter pilots targeting goods and services with a constant communications link to our social media.