Sorry HBO, there is very little news in a newsroom

I finally got a chance to see HBO’s The Newsroom. As is the case I’m sure with doctors and police officers who watch programs about their lines of work, I found much of the program laughable.  But we’re grown ups here, so there has to be some recognition that the goal of this program isn’t […]

Enough with K-9 Units!

It’s always strange to watch a tragedy unfold, and evaluate a news gathering team’s performance. “Attaboy” memos and “congratulations” in association with tragedy is one of the odd quirks that go along with being a newsy and may explain to some degree why people who work in the business are the way they are.  The […]

KIRO AM saved by a hair

Minneapolis-based Hubbard Broadcasting is buying all of Bonneville’s radio stations, but that looks like it will NOT include KIRO.  Hubbard is a family owned company. A dysfunctional family. The deep thinkers at Hubbard have presided over the demise of several formerly fine properties. Jeff Simpson will now take the reigns over the remaining Bonneville properties. […]

Yucks at KOMO

Seattle television is a notoriously personality-free zone which has always meant there’s room for one of the big brands to come in and own the space. Yes, there have been exceptions over the years, but generally – we’re pretty darned matter-of-fact around here. With that said, I think KOMO is doing the best job of […]

The Peacock has croaked

It’s hard to believe, but NBC is worth a negative $600 million.  That’s ($600,000,000). An analyst from Wunderlich Securities was looking at the Comcast deal when he came up with that number. He figures NBC Universal (a mere division of GE) is worth about $32.5 billion, and that 78% of that valuation comes from the […]

YouNews: It’s Coming

Guess what the hot new gadgets are for local TV stations? Answer: Devices that allow the quick and easy ingestion (non indigestion) of viewer-generated content.  Why in the world would a TV station fill its newscast with poorly shot video? Because it’s cheap. In fact, think about carving out a YouNews space in your market […]

Too many Twits

Apple is now apparently thinking about buying Twitter and its collection of twits – er, uh, users. There are many problems associated with the deal – like what is Twitter really worth? What are tweets really worth? Is everybody going to get burned-out on social networking tools? Those are big questions I’ll leave to the […]